Ch. Calvin Klein Del Menthon

Sire: Silverio Of Leon Gerome
Dam: Leonada Mamba Del Menthon
01/17/2019 NP58086701 CHIC#: 157485

Achievements: I met Calvin who was with his breeder at the Nationals and fell in love. He was born in Costa Rica and I was lucky enough to make friends with his breeder Pedro Miranda. 1st win was a 5 point major at a French bulldog Specialty at Jefferson


Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents


Ch. Costa Rica Ch. COL. Ch. NIC. Silverio Of Leon Gerome (Brdl)



Ch.COL. Avigdors Bartolome Of Leon Gerome (Brdl)

Ch. WW Avigdors Stranger In The Night (Brdl)
Ch RUS. Zon Mirekl Dame Du Coeur (Brdl)
JCH COL. Delgales Chanel (Brdl) Ch. PORT. Fenomenon De La Parure (Brdl)
Delgales Roxanne (Brdl)


Leonada Mamba Del Menthon


Ch. CAC. N RUS. A’Vigors Colonell Honorable D’Or (Bmf) Ch INT. Daulokke’s Fenneton Le Duc (Brdl)
Ch RUS. Avigdors Bentley (Bmf)
Frida Kahlo Del Menthon (Pied) Ch Costa Rica. Mokaodc Quinchoncho (Brdl)
Canela Del Menthon (Bmf)

WI. He finished his championship in just a few shows.