Can. / International Ch.Victrys Combined Effort

Sire: Am / Intl Ch. Nub Is Just Playing Smart
Dam: Intl Ch.Victrys Pumpkin Pie
Whelped: 05-03-07
CHIC# 76684

Juvenile Cateract DNA Clear

International Champion with Group #1 Placement

Canadian Championship with Group placements

Achievements: Canadian Championship with multiple group placements
International Championship with a group #1 placement
Cricket is co-owned with Sheryl and Phil of Monmouth, IL
Bred by Lynn Vick


Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

Am / Intl Ch. Nub Is Just Playing Smart NP11245701 (Brdl)




Ch. Fancibul Lagniappe D’Ouibul NM84774005 (Cr)

Ch. Gradons Fancibul Attabois NM78769004 (Brdl)
Fancibul Sunkist Star Arisen NM77083601 (Brdl & Wht)
Odoms Norway The Vicking Sheba NM93403701 (Brdl) Odoms Jubilee Ode Joe NM82601702 (Brdl & Wht)
Imaluv Odom Aussie Raven NM89381201 (Brdl)


Intl Ch. Victrys Pumpkin Pie NP07828505 (Cr)

WL’S Spencer NP0340603 (Cr) Ch. Heike’s Major On David’s Day NM73676102 (Fn)
WL’S Shannon NM93612005 (Cr)
WL’S Cashmere NP03426104 (Fn) Boston-Baked-Bruno-Beans NM82152502 (Brdl & Wht)
Keen’s Cocoa Bear NM91004603 (Brdl & Wht)