Thank you
To the breeders that are willing to share the genetics of their wonderful dogs to improve my lines.
A special Thank You to those who have helped me to improve my breeding program.
Dennie and Ronda Roemer owners of Ch.Kae-Rae’s Monet of Las Alle (Monet)
Phil and Sheryl Porter owners of Ch.Porter’s Randal of Fancibul (Randy)
Jackie Drucker owner and Colette Secher breeder of BISS Ch.LeFox Better Late Than Never (Elliott)
Roswitha Roberts owner of LaSoleil Aces High Jackpot (Ace) an LaSoliel Otto Music To Heart (Otto)
Mary Devine breeder-owner, Allen Weinberg and Derek Kowata co-owners of BISS Ch.Devine’s LA Confidential (Zed)
Charlie and Martha Tolkien breeders& owners of Can /AKC Ch. Goldberry’s Cooper Parian (Cooper) and Ch.Goldberry’s Romeo-(Romeo)