Nieves Valle Della Roma (Feleena)
Sire: Vicnac AC Harry
Dam: Latshia Valla Della Roma
Whelped: 8-25-18
Eye cert & hips info

Achievements: Feleena is so pretty is is a shame she doesn’t like to show. She takes time to warm up to new people and this is impossible at dog shows. She makes a wonderful house dog and has made very pretty puppies.



Parents Grand Parents Great Grand Parents

CH EC. Vainac AC Harry LER25357 FCMG2680-B





GCH. MEX. Vianac Maranello FCMI1771-A (Bmf)

Ch. MEX. JMX. Kingfriend Mr OMG FCMK5662 (Brdl)
Kingfriend Miss Naughty FDNI1815 (Pied)
Ch. MEX. Kingfriend Miss Diane FCMK0840 (Brdl) Ch. UK FCI. Friend De La Parure of Kingfriend 1984CT (Bmf)

Ch. LIT. May Wine Gyvybes Zyme At Kingfriend 1456CW (Brdl)


Ch. BEC. Molly Valle Della Roma LER24560 (Brdl)

GCH. EC Ch. JEC I.L. Wila Hogs Euro Arman LER21354 RKF3217318 (Brdl) Ch. BALK. BUL. CZE.SLO. MONT. Store Lindes’s Kleos Le Regal DK07191/2010 (Brdl)
Ch.RU. EST. LIT. BEL. OrchideaOvacia De La Solie (Brdl)
Fedita Vella Della Roma LER22156 (Pied) Ch. NET LUX. BEL. I . Fausto Van Marver’s Fortuna (Brdl)
Ch. RU. RKF. LAT. LIT Hrizantema Van Marver’s Fortuna (Bmf)