Piper’s Rumor Has It At Acina

Sire: Ch. Chitawee’s He’s Closer Than You Think!
Dam: Daystar’s One Brief Shining Moment
Whelped: 01/11/12
Eye cert & hips info JC Clear



Achievements: So far one 5 point major and many singles. On her way to her Championship



Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

Ch. Chitawee’s He’s Closer Than You Think!NP29212303 Brdl & Wht




Ch. BIS LeBull’s Fargo NM8736902 Brdl & Wht

Ch. Tidewater’s Monte Carlo Jackpot NM82106602 Brdl
LeBulls Samantha Dela Parure NM79164301 Brdl
Ch. Chitawee’s Proof’s in D’Puddin NP07351701 Fn & Wht Chitawee’s Just My Luck CD RN NM68089601 Wht & Brdl
Ch. Chitawee’s Golden Grahams NP02675903


Daystar’s One Brief Shining Moment NP18448703 Fn

Ch. Daystars Highlander Fancibul NP03347003 Cr Ch. Fancibul’s Dubl Dawg Dare NM92667101 Brdl & Wht
Ch. Fancibul up above The World NM89862303 Fn
Ch. Daystar’s Jessica NP12255303 CR Ch. Twin Lakes EZ Rider NM80979503 Cr
Ch. Daystar’s Olivia Of Airies NM94137803 Fn